Robert Carter

Attorney at Law
Robert B. Carter loves his work: being a criminal defendant’s lawyer.  He thrives on taking good people through the tough process of the law.  Good people make mistakes and need help dealing with the sometimes dire consequences. Mr. Carter understands that.  You may only go through this process once in your life.  We hope so.  Robert Carter has gone through it literally thousands of times.  He has over 20 years experience practicing law in Oklahoma.  He has the intricate knowledge and passionate commitment to help you understand what your situation is and what needs to be done.  He has a good word for everyone he meets.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have trusted Robert Carter with their very lives by asking him to represent them in their drug case, DUI or sex charges.  He would love to talk to you.  Call Robert now!

Emily Carter

Paralegal & Business Manager
Emily Carter is Mr. Carter’s Paralegal and Business Manager.  She also has the dubious honor of being Mrs. Robert Carter.  She has spent her entire life helping others through difficult times, at first in the field of medicine and now in the legal profession.  She is our liaison with several State agencies, such as the Department of Public Safety and serves as our Notary Public.  She has talked many a frustrated spouse, parent and relative through difficult circumstances.  She acts as the calm voice of Robert B. Carter, Esq. as we work hard to pursue a course of action that will bring us to the best resolution of your case, legally, financially and personally.  Call Emily now! Let’s get started!

Kathryn Manning

Legal Secretary

Katie has her Associates Degree in Business and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  Her communication skills make her a great fit for our firm.  Her compassion, her warm smile and her experience with both marketing and the law has made her an invaluable member of our team.  She makes all our clients feel at home in our downtown office.  When you hire Robert Carter you get the bonus of meeting and working with our legal secretary, Katie Manning!

Chaz Brady

Office Assistant

Chaz is also pursuing a Business Degree and is a real entrepreneur.  Besides being our data-entry guru, Chaz has a thriving concession business and is a customer service representative for another business.  His flexibility, compassion and expertise are vital in keeping our firm on top of the day-to-day workings of a busy law practice.

Our Associates

Attorney, Paralegal, etc.

Our firm is aligned with the best and brightest attorneys in the State of Oklahoma.  We associate with other attorneys and legal professionals to achieve the best outcome for our clients.  These relationships make it possible to offer a wide range of legal skills to our broad client base.  Many of our clients contact us over the years for help with life’s challenges:  Financial planning, bankruptcy, divorce, work injuries, car wrecks, family law, civil and employment law issues.  We continue to help our clients past any issue they may have originally contacted us for.  Helping people….it’s what we do best.

What our Clients Say!

I had a very difficult criminal case in Oklahoma, he did everything possible to help me with the situation, and made me feel 110% confident. I am very grateful

-Jared M.

Mr. Carter was an excellent choice for an attorney. If you are in the Oklahoma area and need help on your case give him a call. Him and his staff are outstanding.

-Patrick M.

Robert Carter was refreshingly kind. He is not your standard "know it all" attorney. He listened to my situation and gave me his professional opinion. I like that his office staff is just as friendly. They treated me with respect and not like a criminal.

-James T.

Had a possession charge in small town Oklahoma, Mr. Carter was extremely helpful. He helped me every step of the way through going to court and during my probation. Great guy, didn't seem like he only wanted my money. Even helped me keep it off my record.

-John D.

I was arrested last year for possession. I was in the car when my friend was driving drunk and got pulled over. She was arrested for DUI and I happened to have a small amount of weed on me, so got to spend a few nights in the Oklahoma County Jail. Ugh. I hired Robert Carter and he was amazing. Not only was he willing to work out a payment plan but he got my charges dropped! If you get in trouble call BOB CARTER.

-Cai M.