You’ve heard me say for years now: “Don’t say nothin’ without your attorney.”    People ask me all the time if I “mean it.” Well, of course I mean it!  United States Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson said, “Any lawyer worth his salt will tell [a] suspect in no uncertain terms to make  no  statement to the police under any circumstances.” 

Hypothetical case #2: You get stopped for speeding on your way home from the club.  You are not “drunk’.  You had two bourbon and cokes or two beers or two daiquiris.  There is alcohol on your breath.

There is a beer in the cup holder.  There is no one else in the car with you.  You were not speeding.

You are going to jail.  Accept this fact.  You are going to be searched. It may not be fair.  It may not be right.  But screaming and fighting will make this much worse, believe me.  Your goal is to not make it worse.  You don’t want to get hurt.  You don’t want serious felony charges to come from this situation.

Same drill:  “Yes, sir” and No, sir.”  “Thank you, Ma’am”, and “Yes, Ma’am”.  Admit nothing.  Do NOT say “I only had two.”  If you do, you just admitted to drinking and driving. If he asks you: “Have you been drinking?” the answer is “I want a lawyer before I talk to you.  Can I go now?”  And just keep saying it.  With every question.   “When you are handcuffed or told that you can’t leave: “I want a lawyer before I talk to you.”  Believe me, you are going to jail.  Now we have to give your lawyer some help.  The things you do and say now make a huge difference later on.

Remember: In trying to avoid jail, some people talk themselves right into prison.  Call us if you need us, we know what to do.  (405) 236-1800. See Part Three (tomorrow).