Let’s say it loud and clear: There is no place in the world for “Domestic Violence”. Where does that put a Criminal Defense attorney that has to defend a guy who had a few drinks with his “lady”, they got into a little tiff about some text messages on his phone and suddenly the cops show up because the neighbors heard cussing and tussling? Most police agencies will tell you they are not in the business of being marriage or relationship counselors.

If the cops show up, there are high odds that SOMEONE is going to jail. That SOMEONE will probably have “domestic abuse” charges filed against them. That SOMEONE will need an attorney. A criminal defense attorney, in this situation, helps all the SOMEONES who really might not have meant or intended harm to their significant other. “Significant” is the key word. Most of us in a relationship want only the best for the most important, significant person in their life. This, however, does not make this a casual legal problem. There can be serious issues to address. An attorney has a solemn duty to find the best solution for his/her client. The state has a solemn duty to protect their client….the Victim. In a perfect world, both sides learn valuable and lasting lessons so there’s no future problems of domestic violence. Our office approaches these cases with great care and compassion for both sides of the legal situation.

We encourage anyone who finds themselves in a mentally or physically violent situation to find help. We are fortunate in our state to have resources. The YWCA of Oklahoma City’s mission statement is: “eliminating racism, empowering women” and is a certified domestic violence shelter. They are the premier resource for domestic violence situations.

If you find yourself on either side of this sad and serious story, please call us and we will direct you to resources and help. Helping…..what we do best.