Galveston, Oh Galveston….. Port Aransas, League City, Corpus Christie.  These are names that make my heart soar.  Have you ever been to the Texas Gulf Shores?  If you are an Oklahoman, most of us have been to Galveston or Padre Island in some version of our youth.  Bob was born in Corpus Christie at the Corpus Christie Naval Air Station.  My father was stationed in San Antonio in the 60’s and we spent many weekends on Galveston.  Years later, my children and I made Galveston a destination. 

About three years ago, Bob and I took a fairly impromptu (for us) trip to the Gulf Coast.  We wanted to see Corpus Christie and spend a few days there.  On a whim, we kept driving until we were in Port Aransas, Texas.  I still can’t tell you why, but we fell in love with this coastal community.  We stayed in a nice condominium on the beach… The Beachgate Condominiums.  We slept with the windows and the door open to hear and smell the ocean.  I will never forget the peacefulness and quiet of that visit.

Although we are Okies, there is a little bit of that Gulf Sand still in our shoes.  Bob and I would like to encourage all our friends, families and clients to find an organization or a cause that is helping the people in the path of Hurricane Harvey.  We will be posting links to a few organizations over the next few days.  We would love it if you would post your favorite Gulf Coast stories and photos.