Sought Justice in Texas County, Oklahoma on Tuesday.  That’s in the panhandle, folks!  Guymon, Oklahoma.  According to Google Maps it’s a drive of 4 hours and 17 minutes form my home town of Oklahoma City.  But with my tiny bladder and the need for leg stretching it usually takes me 5 hours one way.

Texas County is one of my favorite places to Seek Justice.  The local prosecutors and judges are gentlemen and women in the old school use of that term.  Author Harlan Ellison is quoted as saying that “…[a]n armed society is a polite society.”  Texas County is that kind of polite.  Very polite.  And all of us are expected to know the rules of polite society.  I like it.

Justice is hard fought in Texas County.  Not only do the local ranchers and town folk expect their County attorneys to represent them with a zeal that would make Richard Simmons proud.  But these folks will have no truck with what they perceive to be “the criminal element”.  And their elected officials are tough.  They take their jobs quite seriously.

You can expect to do a bit of time in Texas County if you break the law.  They don’t just hand out probation or “some program” to an individual who is going to plead guilty to a crime.  They expect that that person expects to be punished.  And my experience out there is that folks who commit crimes do expect to be punished if they are caught.  It’s not like some big city guy who gets caught and then complains because they want him to do some time.  In Texas County, they get it.

Anyway, it’s always a good trip for me.  I like the judges.  I like the prosecutors.  I enjoy the local attorneys.  The court translator is a really good guy and even the jailers are courteous.  I look forward to going back.