Your son or daughter has done the unthinkable.  You got the collect phone call from jail this morning.  A tiny little voice you have not heard since they were in the 5th grade comes across the line:  “I’m sorry mom.  I’ve been arrested.  Can you get me out?  It’s awful here”.  It doesn’t matter which county, which city, which jurisdiction in the State of Oklahoma…it really is awful.  Your heart breaks in the seconds it took you to hear that voice coming from the darkest place in their life.  The reason doesn’t matter.  More often than not, the arrest is related to drugs or alcohol.  It might be a petit larceny.  It might be Grand Larceny.  Occasionally, we get the call from a parent whose child has been arrested for a serious sex crime.  You have to make decisions you are not prepared to make.  The financial, emotional and psychological turmoil you are experiencing is alien to you.  How do you even find a bondsman?  Where are you going to come up with 10% of $5,000.00 AND a lien on your property?  Do  they need an attorney? When do they need an attorney?    You don’t feel you can talk to your friends or family about any of this.  You feel isolated.  Afraid for your child.  Angry with your child. 

Our office is prepared to answer all your questions.  We talk to parents every day.  We listen.  We have resources to assist you and your family through this difficult time.  Our phone is forwarded to a personal phone on the weekend and evenings if you have a crisis.  Our initial consultation oftentimes includes entire families eager to help out their loved one.  There are no “bad kids” in our world.  There are people that wind up on the wrong side of the law.  There are kids who make ignorant decisions and have to pay the consequences of those decisions.  Our office is an advocate, a voice if you will, to help you navigate the unknown territory of the law.

I am Mrs. Robert Carter.  You hear my voice on the line when you call 405-236-1800.  Bob and I have seven children.  We understand parents.  We understand the law.  We look forward to helping you help your child.

From the office of Robert B. Carter, Attorney at Law