I’ve Got Court! What Should I Wear? And other important information!

This is Emily here putting in my two-cents! Bob generously calls this a “guest editorial”, but really this is just some of my favorite observations while being the co-pilot to our Law Practice.

What should you wear to court? A standard suggestion we make to our clients is “Dress like you arerobertcarter_criminal_attorney going to church with your Grandmother”. Sometimes we find it necessary to elaborate, as we have come to find out that some of you guys have groovy grandmothers that go to highly progressive churches! A better answer is: always respect the court. Many courts in Oklahoma have strict standards and it is not uncommon for a Judge to send a client home for inappropriate clothing. Shorts, capris, tank tops and flip-flops are a “NO GO”.

Oklahoma City AttorneyFor women we suggest slacks or nice jeans with a long or short sleeve shirt or blouse (no sleeveless wear). A dress or skirt is always appropriate, but do not wear “party or club” clothing. For men, slacks or jeans with a belt, again, long or short sleeve shirt with a collar tucked into your pants. It is never a good idea to wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt displaying your favorite Heavy Metal band or political views. The Judge is going to see you for a very limited amount of time. If you look respectful in court, this will influence the minds and decision making of the people that hold your future in their hands.

This is a great idea as well: Be on time for court! Some Judges will put you in jail if you are late! BEST Criminal Attorney OKC Even just a few minutes! That sounds mean, but rules are rules! If you have court in Oklahoma County that means getting downtown with enough time to park, go through the metal detectors and find your court room. In other Counties, it might not be as crowded, nevertheless, take all of these challenges into consideration.

As crazy as this sounds: Pay your attorney! We try to be as gentle as possible about this. Our passion for our work does not take away from the fact that this is how we make our “living”. If you have paid your attorney you have committed to helping him/her work towards a good outcome. The next part of this equation is: Communicate with your attorney! If your phone number or address changes, let them know. Although the law rarely moves swiftly, it may be crucial to talk to you about important issues. Stay in touch!

When you make a decision to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney you are putting faith that they will represent you well. We are committed to that end and we are committed to helping you understand even the smallest of details on how you can achieve the best results. “Breaking” a law is not a moral issue for us. Bob says “There are the caught and the uncaught”. Our job is helping you get back on track with your life and it tickles the heck out of us that you asked us for that help.

  1. February 15, 2017

    You’re a real deep thkrien. Thanks for sharing.

    • April 22, 2017

      I’ve been “thkrien-ing” most of my life. Deep, I’m not. Just trying to be helpful. Thanks for commenting.

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